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Boxing Day “Awards”!!!

by Ladybug on January 3, 2013

Boxing Day Sales are not what they seem anymore. Thus, the idea of giving “awards” to the worst sales of the season came to mind, in rant form of course! Here is a breakdown of local sales that were sadly not as they seemed.

Third Place – Future Shop

Advertisement/Flyer – Varying amounts off TVs and other electronic gizmos.

Sad Truth- You can get TVs for less than this any other time of the year if you just pay attention! And the one that I found really interesting was the $5 off an iPod. WOOOOOOOOW $5!!! That’s sure worth waiting in line at 4am with a bunch of simpletons in line! I’d rather pay the $5 later. Seriously.  The extra sad part about this store is that people think that standing in line is a great way to socialize and that’s the only reason they are there! Again, this is local so I don’t know about anyone else’s; since I live in crummy city I’m kind of used to this.

Second Place – Various clothing stores

Advertisement / Flyer – Clearouts, half off sales, Buy One Get One Sale – small printing – “selected merchandise”

Sad Truth – The only things that apply to the clearouts are last summers’ leftovers. In size extra small. Buy One Get One or half off applies to “selected merchandise” only, so that means leftovers that people didn’t buy before Christmas, aka gift items and Christmas pjs. Again sizes are extremely limited. In one particular store there was one pair of jeans left on the shelf. ONE. And as per usual the sales people cling to you and ask if you know there’s a sale on. Gee, I wonder why I came in the first place?

First Place – I’m sure you can guess. Guess before you look! It’s….


Advertisement / Flyer – Assorted DVDs , again small print-“starting at $5”, Half off gift items, Half of ALL Christmas candy, chocolates, etc.

Sad Truth – Few DVDs, and usually ones you’ve never heard of or bought three years ago, are actually $5. The rest are $7 and up, and if there is a series, such as Fast and the Furious, they will have maybe the second one and the fifth one and that’s it. Oh, and one is blu-ray and one is regular DVD.

Half off gift items? There’s about three things on the shelf in the first place.

Half off all candy and chocolates? Turtles – full price. Tons left on the shelf.

The worst part about the whole set-up is that all the stuff was shoved to the front aisles so there is no possible way through, because people are browsing. What were they thinking?! Besides this is Wal-Mart! Aren’t they known for everyday low prices anyway? If this was true why have sales each week that end after a few days?!!

I also have to bring up a couple honorable mentions!

Number 1 – Shoppers Drug Mart.  Flyer says –in small print- “up to…” –HUGE PRINT- “50% OFF”. Reality is most stuff was 20% off, and was overlooked by many, as they could be seen leaving with nothing with a disappointed look on their face.

Number 2 – Payless Shoes. Poster in window -of my local store-, claims “BOXING DAY BLOW-OUT!!! 50%!!! –small print- “selected items”. Ok, so in other words, last seasons’ leftovers in size 6 or 12. And doesn’t this store almost always have a BOGO sale anyway?

Feel free to send your own sale failure awards!



Tales of Wal-Mart – Chapter 7

by Ladybug on November 30, 2011

Justin Beiber

Yes, another rant about Wal-Mart. There’s so much to write about it, this is why it gets its own series.

So, I was in Wal-Mart the other day, looking at Christmas stuff. I went early in the morning as per usual, to avoid dumb people, or so I thought. It seemed awfully crowded for a weekday morning; I don’t know what was up at all, probably just getting to be Christmas season. But anyway, the main aisle was full of your usual assorted Wal-Mart weirdos; ten year old skipping school, obese mothers, old people staring at you, etc.  So, I went directly to the Christmas decorations, which consists of several aisles, most of which were empty except for a few people.

Ever notice how being alone in an aisle seems to attracts people like flies? “Oh, look they are looking at something, now I want it too!” seems to be what these creeps are thinking. And I don’t like it. Pick something up, and watch their eyes follow the object. Then you turn your back and BAM they pick out same thing and put it in their cart. It seems people don’t have their own taste, and must rely on YOU. Yay! They do say imitation is the best form of flattery, though.

So this happened to me in Wal-Mart. I’m alone in this aisle, and all the sudden it’s like, three people are in this aisle, slowly creeping up on me, sneaking glances over my shoulder as to what I am looking at. I wasn’t even planning on buying anything, I was just looking. The smothering effect was incredible. I had to get my butt out of there. On to the next aisle…

In this aisle were stockings. Not so bad you may be thinking. But what I saw was more horrifying than anyone could imagine. Just think of your eyes being burned out, same effect as what I saw. Something no one should be exposed to. It was… *sob*… a Justin Bieber stocking. Just picture his little douchebag face staring at you. And then under this shelf was, Justin Bieber ornaments… with the same douchey pout on his face. That was enough. I had it for the day. That’s nothing I want to see for Christmas. Or anytime, for that matter…

I left after that with the horrifying image of that girly face staring at me. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many of those stockings will be left after the Christmas clearout? I’ll have to check, and then I’ll have another rant for Tales of Wal-Mart!



Good Gravy, Old Navy

October 12, 2011
old navy

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Tales of Wal-Mart – Chapter 6

April 2, 2011
sad tomato

If there’s one thing Wal-Mart does well, it’s selectively placing product in strategic fashion. However, they don’t seem to want to have to maintain the product or its displays. All they have to do to clear out a selected item, let’s say, expired cookies, for instance, is place the display unit in such a manner [...]

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Tales of Wal-Mart – Chapter 5

February 22, 2011
fat girl with cart

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